My journey, still in progress…

My reason for creating and showing you this video of my journey is to show you that we all have struggles. We sometimes fall short of our goals. We sometimes let life get in the way and forget about taking care of you. We just go through the motions.

What would happen if you allowed yourself time to take care of you?  If you stopped just going through the motions and started living? These questions are what I want you to think about while watching my video. I want you to join me so we can work on our  health and fitness journey with Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme program.

Why Shakeology and these programs?

The main reason is these programs helped me lose weight and tone my body.  These programs taught me what type of food and what portions to eat.  The 21 Day Fix programs offer complete and simple nutrition plan and portion control.  The portion control plan is responsible for me completely changing the way I think about food and has allowed me to stick with my new healthy lifestyle and change my legacy. The workouts are great as they are all 30 minutes.  It is much easier to find 30 minutes for you instead of trying to plan for hours in the gym.

Sticking to the workouts and nutritional plan will give you great results, as it did for me.  I have incorporated the nutrition plan and portion controls in my new healthy lifestyle.  I follow every day.

The 21 Day Fix was the program I started with and I loved it.  I recently completed a few rounds of the 21 Day Fix Extreme as I wanted to challenge myself.  The Extreme program incorporates some weights and resistance training, which is a great next step.

To truly make changes to your health, you must address all aspects, which include nutrition, activity level and supplementation.

In all reality, what I can say will pale in comparison to the information in the videos below. Please check it out for more info on the programs and Shakeology: